Control your ATTENTION

Control your


The idea is simple.

With the right guidance and tools, the practice becomes easy.

Attention Management Benefits

Attention Management is

Feel more productive and less busy.

Make more progress on the things that matter most.

Find more meaning in your moments.

Show up as your best self for others.

Feel less stressed and more in control.

Flex your focus and unleash your genius!

Get started today: Take the assessment or order the book.

master your attention

The Attention Management Assessment

Are you living a life of choice, or a life of reaction and distraction?

A lifetime of benefit in a one-hour read.

Packed with wisdom throughout and practical action items at the end of each chapter, this easy-to-read book will inspire you to make small changes today that pay big dividends for years.

This short, engaging read is an attainable, practical first step in the journey toward managing your attention. It’s designed to spark impact in just one hour!

New Attention Management book by Maura Thomas coming September 2019

Want to go beyond Attention Management?

Our Empowered Productivity System is just the thing.


The Empowered Productivity System for success-oriented professionals is an on-demand training platform with 5 modules, 43 bite-size lessons, and a wealth of downloadable resources.

Interested in achieving peak productivity? The Empowered Productivity System may be for you.

Covering both attention management and a comprehensive system to bring your productivity A-game, the course is available for both individuals and work teams.

Free resources you can use today.

From mindfulness to tips on staying productive working from home, we have a collection of articles you’re sure to find helpful.

For the full story on why time management is obsolete and why attention management matters, watch Maura’s full 15-minute TEDx talk on YouTube.

To learn about and download a free collection of articles that go beyond attention management into a workflow management system, click the button below.

“In Attention Management, Maura Thomas’s unique reimagining of productivity is a lifesaver to all of the busy people who are feeling increasingly impatient and frazzled.”
— Dorie Clark, Author of Entrepreneurial You and Reinventing You
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